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Working in moving offers an exciting and dynamic experience for those seeking unconventional tasks and a flexible work schedule.

Working in moving requires a specialist who will not only develop new methods but also manage and communicate with clients.

Why work at MovingExpert?

Our company provides a smooth training process that allows new employees to quickly learn the necessary knowledge and skills, starting from simple tasks and gradually moving to more complex ones.

Working in moving requires a specialist who will deal not only with developing new methods but also with management and communication with clients.

We are looking for employees to work in moving and courier drivers of categories B, C, CE. Flexible schedule and opportunities for professional development. We look forward to your application!

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Career Opportunities

At MovingExpert, we offer diverse and promising career growth opportunities. Our commitment to growth and development means you can build your career in logistics, supply chain, technology, or operations. Thanks to continuous training and a wide presence in Europe, MovingExpert is the perfect place to build a successful and long-term career.

Employee Well-being

We understand that a healthy and motivated workforce is crucial to our success. That's why we offer a range of initiatives to improve well-being, including competitive compensation packages, health and wellness programs, and a favorable work environment. We encourage work-life balance, professional growth, and personal development. At MovingExpert, we believe that when our employees thrive, our company prospers.


We value the unique experiences, perspectives, and talents of our employees. Our commitment to diversity extends to all levels of our organization, promoting equal opportunities and an inclusive culture. We actively create an environment where all voices are heard, valued, and respected. Our diversity and inclusivity programs are aimed at creating a workplace where people can fully dedicate themselves to their work. We strive to build an organization that reflects the diversity of the communities we serve and the global nature of our business.

Social Responsibility

At MovingExpert, we understand that our activities have a social impact beyond our business operations. We strive to be responsible corporate citizens and make positive changes in social impact initiatives, such as our sustainable development, environmental responsibility, and community engagement.

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You can join our company without any work experience. MovingExpert specialists are always happy to share their knowledge and experience for new employees.

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