Terms of use

Calculation & Minimum Wage

Calculation starts from the MovingExpert office address: Jõe tn 9, Tallinn, 10151.

Ends at the MovingExpert office address: Jõe tn 9, Tallinn, 10151.

Minimum wage – 1 hour.

After the first hour, time is calculated with precision to the nearest 15 minutes.

When ordering services outside the city, an additional kilometer fee is added based on the client’s chosen mode of transportation.

All prices are subject to VAT.

Booking and Cancellation

Booking of services can be done both by phone and by email. When booking by phone, please send a confirmation email.

In case of cancellation or modification of the booking less than 24 hours in advance, MovingExpert reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee for the first agreed working hour.

Service cancellation can only be done via email – info@movingexpert.ee.


Individuals – payment in cash on-site.

Legal entities – payment in cash on-site or via invoice.

Partners – by agreement.


Please provide as detailed a description as possible or the volume of goods to be transported. For example: 1 bed, 1 mattress 140×200, dining table and 6 chairs, 6 boxes of kitchen utensils, television, and 20 boxes of clothing, refrigerator, washing machine.

Order for Goods Transport

Please provide as much information as possible when making an inquiry:

  • How wide or narrow are the stairs?
  • Spiral staircase.
  • Presence of an elevator.
  • Long corridors.
  • Accessibility, quick access to the house.

Increasing or Changing Work Volume

Changes in the agreed volume of work for moving services can be made at least 24 hours before the start of work.

If it is not possible to immediately take on increased work due to new orders already agreed upon after your move, we can arrange a time to continue the work.

Packaging and Labeling Services for Goods

Goods that move and are transported must be properly packaged, either by our team or by the customer.

If goods are not packaged before moving, meaning if the customer packages the goods themselves or refuses to package them at all, the transport company is not responsible for possible pollution, scratches, breakages, or other damages that may occur.

If the customer packages the goods themselves, please pack them in the best possible way to avoid damage during reasonable handling and transport. You can always contact us for advice!

If you want your items to be packed by Movingexpert, please inform us in advance so that we can bring the necessary packaging and packaging materials for the proper protection of your property.

Furniture Assembly and Installation

Please provide as much information as possible when making an inquiry:

  • Furniture manufacturer.
  • Seller’s product or product page.
  • For wall-mounted items, provide information about the type of wall (e.g., stone or double plaster, etc.).

Please be sure to inform us in advance if you need furniture to be secured or installed on the wall so that we can bring the necessary tools and equipment. Whether furniture is on-site or needs to be brought or lifted.

Please empty the room where furniture will be installed as much as possible before the service, as this will allow our installers to assemble or install the furniture as quickly as possible.