Packaging materials

The following boxes are most widely used:

Box 390х290х345мм

Price: 3.5€ / pcs.

Standard box 580x380x400mm

Price: 3.9€ / pcs.

Box for clothes on hangers 502x502x1209mm

Price: 13.9€ / pcs.

Plastic boxes 600x400x300mm

Sale: 24.9€ / pcs.

Rent: 1.2€ / 24h.

All boxes are delivered in a flat form, and they need to be fixed with tape.

Transparent packing tape 36mm wide, a roll of 66m

Price: 2.9€ / pcs.

Air bubble film 0,5m wide, in a roll of 10m

Price: 9.9€ / pcs.

Film for hand/wrapping 45cm wide, 443m long

Price: 14.9€ / pcs.

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