Garbage containers

We offer a dumpster rental service. Containers are designed for construction, bulky and household garbage. You can load the con-tainer yourself, and you can also use the services of our movers.

Width: 1,5m   Height: 1,5m   Length: 3m
Volume: 7m3

Price: 239€

Width: 2,2m   Height: 1m   Length: 6m
Volume: 15m3

Price: 239€

A waste fee is added to the price.

Conditions of use

To install a dumpster, you need enough space for manoeuvring vehicles.

Temporary placement of garbage containers on the street must be coordinated with the local government (in the city of Tallinn with the Tallinn Department of Transport, in the municipalities of Harjumaa – with the local government).

When loading, the height of the cargo should not exceed the height of the sides.

Container cannot be filled with:

  • Liquid waste – toilet waste, sediment of settling tanks
  • Earth impregnated with hazardous substances (petroleum products, colouring substances, etc.)
  • Biological waste (food waste, vegetables, etc.)
  • Electronic waste – televisions, computer monitors, printers
  • Household appliances and consumer electronics – refrigerators, washing machines, dryers
  • Asbestos–containing products and materials – slate, asbestos mats
  • Hazardous waste – oils, paints, varnishes and containers after having been used for them, lamps, fluorescent lamps, car tires and spare parts, roofing material, bitumen
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