Garbage collection

What we offer?

We will help you collect and dispose of any garbage. If there is a lot of garbage left after the repair or relocation, then leave this concern to us — we will sort, pack and take all the garbage to the landfill ourselves.

We will take out any garbage and send it to the waste collection point.

  • Furniture removal (removal of old furniture, sofa, mattress)
  • Removal of old metal
  • Removal of old household appliances
  • Removal of construction debris
  • Removal of leaves
  • Wastepaper removal
  • and removal of other unnecessary things

We will answer any additional questions by phone, e-mail or at a meeting.

Our prices

The price for garbage collection consists of an hourly payment for our movers with a driver and the price of garbage disposal – 30 €/m3.

Width: 1,5m   Height: 1,5m   Length: 3m
Volume: 7m3

Price: 289€
Width: 2,2m   Height: 1m   Length: 6m
Volume: 15m3
Price: 449€
  • All prices are VAT exclusive
  • You can rent garbage containers from 289 €
  • The minimum payment is 1 hour, and after the first hour of work done, the rate is charged every 15 minutes
  • When ordering garbage collection outside Tallinn, 0.65 €/km (minibus) / 0.75 €/km (van) is added to the price
  • The tracking of time starts from the moment of arrival until the end of the work. And when ordering outside Tallinn — from the moment of departure outside the city and until returning back
  • When removing unnecessary items over 100 kg — the price is by agreement
  • In case of a wrong or false call the client must pay a fine in the ammount of the full cost of the service which is calculated on the basis of a hourly fee/rate!
  • Payment from private clients – cash only

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of work can a Mover do?

A Mover will help with loading and unloading garbage. For example, he can help to take out all the garbage from the apartment, load it into our truck, and then unload the garbage to the landfill.

What is the maximum weight of garbage you can carry?

Movers can take out garbage of any size and weight. And the maximum load capacity of 1 van is 1.5 tons.

What types of garbage do you not take out?

We do not export dangerous goods.

What payment methods do you offer?

You can pay for the order either in cash or by invoice.

What payment methods do you offer?

The most convenient way for you is to place an order by filling out the form on the website. Please specify the exact details – if the order size turns out to be larger upon the arrival of our employees, then we can either change the price or cancel the order by agreeing on another time, because it is important for us to fulfil all orders on time.
It is better to order at least 2 days in advance, but sometimes we can start work on the same day.

Is it possible to change/cancel an order?

Yes, you can change the terms of the order 2 days before its execution by email

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