Express delivery

Express delivery of small-sized cargo weighing up to 70-100 kg per 1 box. Express delivery provides a financial guarantee of delivery „just in time“


How we work

We work with market leaders

Selection of a carrier for each route.

Cooperation with the largest carriers allows us to provide transportation of any complexity,

guaranteeing short terms, flexible pricing policy and high service.

Customs clearance

Registration of the necessary customs documentation.

We will make sure that your customs clearance goes smoothly and in the shortest possible time.

We will issue all the necessary customs declarations and accompanying documents.

Warehouse services

A well-developed system of warehouse networks.

Thanks to a well-developed system of warehouse networks, we offer a wide geography of transportation

and optimal delivery times. We will consolidate batches of goods, sort and store them.

Customer support

24/7 customer support.

We accompany our customers at every stage of the supply chain: from receiving the cargo from

the supplier to delivery to the warehouse or into the hands of the recipient.

Order cargo delivery in our company

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